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Meet the team behind the Heroes.

It All Starts with One Club

In 2017, Marc Schubert, an educational assistant who works with kindergartners, decided to start a D&D club at his school. An inner city school with a reputation that precedes it.

While not believing that D&D will change the world, it can equip kids with skills that aren’t taught in a traditional setting and enrich their lives in the process. This first group was the inspiration for every club that was to come.

That grew into D&D for YEG Kids, with the goal to get D&D in every school that wants it in Edmonton first, and ensure the kids can continue playing after the club is done. With the desire to help more than just his home city, Marc gathered some folks together and shared his ideas and desire to help schools and kids across Canada, and eventually beyond. To reflect this, D&D for YEG Kids grew into Forging Heroes Society.

Where we go from here will be greatly impacted by the support we receive. We want to bring imagination, camaraderie and a love for spending time together creating something that didn’t exist, to everyone.

Meet the Team

Marc Schubert

Marc Schubert


I’m an educational assistant who works with kindergartners. I believe passionately in the power of imagination, creativity and collaboration over competition.

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